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Symptoms of DPF Filter problems

1 – Your Car Feels Weaker

Because a DPF blockage directly affects your exhaust system and its ability to remove gas from your engine, this then stops your engine from working as powerfully and as efficiently as it could. No matter how much acceleration you pump into the engine, it will still feel weak due to its inability to expel the excess gas. The engine will use more of its energy trying to push the exhaust fumes out through the DPF, which leaves less energy for acceleration. This in turn means that. . .

2 – You Burn Through Fuel Quicker

Because your engine is not working as hard, you will naturally accelerate more to make up for the lost power. Not only does a blocked DPF filter make your engine use more fuel, the acceleration that you do is not as powerful due to the engine not being able to expel its emissions. This double whammy of decreased efficiency causes you to spend more money on fuel along with tiring your engine out at a must faster rate. Imagine forcing an old horse to run faster than it ever has in its youth, something will eventually give out.

3 – Your Engine is Harder To Start

When a blocked DPF causes a build up of gas in the engine that can’t go anywhere, this also causes a large build up of pressure in both the engine and the DPF itself. If this happens, your engine will simply not want to start until that pressure is released. This is actually a good thing, as if you were to drive the car with that amount of pressure built up inside the engine, this could cause major damage to the engine and potential ruin your DPF altogether. This can also be more expensive than a simple DPF cleaning service.

4 – Issues With Your Turbocharger

A blocked Diesel Particulate Filter will hinder the flow of gas through the exhaust system, preventing the gas from passing through the exhaust at the right rate. This causes the temperature of the gas to increase if it is not expelled fast enough, which heats up the housing around the turbine. This can cause damage to your turbocharger such as the gas leaking directly from the turbocharger because it has nowhere else to go. This then causes oil leaks and a decrease in efficiency with the way the turbocharger works. A DPF blockage may also cause the oil that is stored in your turbo system to carbonise, which can be dangerous for your engine.

5 – The Engine Smells Strange

All this gas that has built up in your engine will not smell overly nice. Not only is this dangerous due to the raised potential of engine damage or even fires, but the odour that comes from these gases cause anyone who inhales some of these gases to become ill. Also, the smell may also disguise other tell-tale smells that arise if any other issues are affecting your car, such as a burnt out clutch or an oil leak.