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What you should know before off-road driving:

Make no mistake, venturing off the pavement isn’t an easy task. Even the simplest trail rides require much knowledge and technique. There are inherent risks to taking your vehicle off-road. The more aware you are of those risks, the safer you’ll be. Being prepared and staying safe will gain you credibility within the recreational 4X4 community. Being stupid won’t. Like your mother always said, “Don’t be the person who ruins it for everyone.” Doing something dangerous or reckless for the sake of a few likes on social media has no place in this sport. Be courteous and respectful to all fellow drivers and the environment.

WEAR YOUR SEATBELT By this point in your life, you should know to always wear your seatbelt, UNLESS you are crossing a river or stream. This is the only exception, ensuring that you can quickly evacuate the vehicle. See page 43 for more.

Survey the land before driving, and adhere to all environmental regulations.

KNOW WHAT YOU’RE UP AGAINST Let’s be real – you started off-roading for a reason. You wanted to explore new places, take the path of most resistance and conquer challenges that most of your friends wouldn’t even dream of. But with all that reward comes a great deal of risk. Off-road trails will be unpredictable, the terrain will vary and conditions can change in the blink of an eye. Before you head off the beaten path, make sure you and your vehicle are equipped to handle the specific terrain you’ll encounter. Even though driving surfaces will vary, your pretrial approach should always remain the same.



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